Cultural Mastery™ Certified Provider

Cultural training for educators

Why become a cultural master? 

Many people are well-intentioned but struggle to understand and embrace those different from themselves. We cannot successfully lead people whom we are emotionally resisting. Cultural mastery is essential to moving your school forward.

Leading Schools to Extraordinary©

leading schools to extraordinary coaching framework for educatoraide

Our proprietary framework implements coaching cycles based on key leadership actions and is designed to further develop leadership capacity with administrative teams.

We also regularly develop and share leadership and coaching resources available free of charge to educators.

1-on-1 Leadership Coaching for Administrators

principal coaching with educatoraide professional and personal development coaching services

School leaders must be supported through ongoing development and targeted coaching. When leaders are valued through meaningful, personalized learning, this translates to daily actions and behaviors. One-on-one coaching is highly personalized to meet your goals.

What educational leaders are saying...


"It was profound to see people who did not  previously know each other find strong connections and stay in the room  to talk long after the session ended. Powerful! This usually does not happen at training events. I am already using your model as a way of  building relationships upon being assigned to new schools and  principals."   

Tammy Miller, National Consultant with Solution Tree


"I took this course for our University to see how we might apply it. I soon realized how much I personally needed it." 

Dr. Yolanda Treviño, Assistant VP Diversity, Equity & Multicultural Affairs at Indiana University


"I appreciated the structure of the course and the ease of use that CM provided.  ALL educational organizations should certify each of their leaders and educators as Cultural Masters. Thank you for increasing my staff's skills in engaging and interacting with cultures of all kinds." 

Lynda Davis, K12 School Leader