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We can help you to develop cultural skills that will equip you to exponentially increase your influence, increase student success rates, and protect you from committing unnecessary cultural mistakes. 

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Our proprietary framework implements coaching cycles based on key leadership actions and is designed to further develop leadership capacity with administrative teams.

1-on-1 Leadership Coaching for Administrators


School leaders must be supported through ongoing development and targeted coaching. When leaders are valued through meaningful, personalized learning, this translates to daily actions and behaviors.

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"I appreciated the structure of the courses and the ease of use that CM provided. Justine was my point of contact for the CM program and she also served as our facilitator for our weekly conferences to openly discuss our experience with the week's course. Justine's facilitation skills are the best I have experienced and made even the most difficult portions of the CM lessons easy to discuss.  ALL educational organizations should certify each of their leaders and educators as Cultural Masters. It will be worth the time and effort! Thank you for increasing my staff's skills in engaging and interacting with cultures of all kinds." 

Lynda Davis, K12 School Leader 



"It was profound to see people who did not  previously know each other find strong connections and stay in the room  to talk long after the session ended. Powerful! This usually does not happen at training events. I am already using your model as a way of  building relationships upon being assigned to new schools and  principals."   

Tammy Miller, National Consultant with Solution Tree


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