Our Partnership With Cultural Mastery™

EducatorAide has enjoyed exclusive partnership with Cultural Mastery since our inception. As an internationally respected company for 20+ years with its founder authoring The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery, cultural mastery and language training processes have been provided to such clients as The Coco-Cola Company, Hanes Brands, SAP, FEMA, and Georgia Pacific. 

EducatorAide is an exclusive partner, leading the efforts in cultural mastery training experiences for educators.  

Cultural Mastery™ Services



 This is available for individuals who want to go through the course experience on their own. This includes live bi-weekly group coaching calls with The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery author Ricardo González,, course access, concentration, and certification. 

Learning Cohorts

Learning cohort for cultural mastery for schools with educatoraide

 This includes all the elements of the Online+ experience plus six participants meet together one-hour weekly for eight weeks in a live learning cohort either in person or via Zoom® video conference. All cohorts are facilitated by a certified Cultural Mastery trainer.  

360° Cultural Health Report

360° Cultural Health report for Cultural Mastery cultural training for schools with educatoraide

We specifically measure your team's cultural backgrounds, cultural experiences, cultural stereotypes and biases, cultural leadership, and cultural knowledge. We conduct a deep data mining and analysis and from that produce your Cultural Health Report. 


one day events for cultural mastery training with educatoraide

We offer onsite cultural mastery event experiences in a one-day format. People who attend a live event will also receive access to the Online+ experience on the backside and can also receive certification if they take the certification exam within one month of the live event.


cultural training for superintendents with edcuatoraide

This option is primarily for high-level education leaders (such as superintendents or university presidents) who need a completely safe zone in which to process through the Cultural Mastery experience. 


cultural mastery FAQ's with educatoraide training cultural

 CulturalMastery™ is a deep and personalized experience that creates meaningful internal transformation regarding our approach to diverse cultures and also teaches the specific skill set of connecting, creating and collaborating with people different from ourselves.