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Cultural Mastery Learning Cohorts

Check out information regarding our district/school events and our cohort program, which is how we provide targeted and ongoing support to schools. Educator Aide is aligned to ESSA’s guidelines and believes that true change is built on the following components:  

  1. People Schools cannot progress without the right educators in place to reach every student.
  2. Personal Growth Too often, educators are focused on external results and transformation. In order to impact the external, educators must experience internal transformation. 
  3. Professional Growth Professional learning for educators (superintendents, principals, teachers, coaches, etc.) must be ongoing with measurable outcomes and structures for accountability.
  4. Programs Programs that are innovative, rigorous, differentiated and offer deep learning for all are essential to moving our educational system forward. These programs can only be implemented at the highest levels when educators have realized their potential as a person and grown personally and professionally.   

Our goal is to foster a network of educators at all levels to create a leadership in schools that develops change from the inside out. We want to equip you with the network, learning and tools you need to ignite transformational change within your school or district. Our Cultural Mastery Cohort can run for 6-months or 12-months. We believe in building change that is sustainable.Our cohort is powerful, bringing educators together to collaborate on their unique problem(s) of practice and collaborating in order to develop a plan of action with multiple solutions – done through application of The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery™ training.